Thursday, March 17, 2011

Riley's Paul and Bridesmaids recap

Sunday was another exciting night at SXSW, a long night. Simon Pegg, Nick Frost (Hot Fuzz), and Kristen Wiig (SNL), all sowed up in Austin, for the US premiere of their new movie Paul, followed by Wiig's new film Bridesmaids. The theatre was packed; everyone in the audience went crazy and started screaming when Paul's writers and main stars, Frost and Pegg, along with co star, Wigg, and Directer Greg Mottola (Adventurland), came onto the stage to introduce their new movie. Practically everyone whipped out a camera or phone, and started taking the talents' pictures. About fifteen minutes later, everyone took their seats, and the movie begain.
I loved Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, and had high expectaions for Paul, but honestly, the movie is just "okay." The Film's comedic timing is spot on the special effects are very believible for CGI, and the acting is quite good. Unfortunitly, other than a few random scenes, not necessary to the plot , the movie is quite predictable, and a bit chiche. The Film makes many different references to alien films, much of which I enjoyed, but have been done before. The only moments which could surprise the audience have already been previewed in the movie's trailer. Instead of being a spoof on the genre of alien films, it was nothign but lots of overblown,hackneyed references to these more remarkable films. It's as if the writers made a list of all the memerable moments in their favorite alien films, and then tried to incorporate these moments into a script, without much plot attached. While the humerous style of the Brits worked very well in Shaun of the Dead, it did not translate well in Paul. The Main feeling this film left me with is one of nistalgia for the better films it mocked. An okay film- not a great film.
After the film was over Pegg, Frost, Wiig, and Mottola returned to the stage for a quick Q and A. Pegg and Frost were hilarious. they joked about the Spielberg cameo, sayingthat they auditioned many big nameed directors before settling for Speilberg. A few members of the audience kept asking Frost of he would eat crazy, gross things, like chocolate jerkey, a waist of a good question. They wraped up the Q and A, passed out "Paul" masks to everyone in the audience, and then, wearing the masks, we all took a group picture with the cast. It was AWSOME!
A little bit after midnight the second movie, Bridesmaids, staring and co- written by Kristen Wiig began. I was seriously surprized by how much I enjoyed this film. I was afraid this movie would be overdrapatic, like last years film MacGruber, but instead I saw Kristen Wiig give her most subtlest performance to date. She gives a very natural performance, and while the film has still has some quirk, overdramatic, situations, perfect for SNL, the acting is much more realistic, not allways going for the laughs. But this is a great , feel good, hillarious (my friends and I could not stop laughing), girl bonding movie, with some very sincere moments, in case you can't tell- I really liked this film.

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