Thursday, June 2, 2011

Liz Update- Incendies to open at Violet Crown Theater June 3rd

The film 'Incendies' that screened during SXSW 2011 is now coming to Austin as of June 3rd on behalf of Sony Pictures Classics. It will open at the new downtown theater, Violet Crown, located on 2nd St. between Guadalupe and San Antonio streets. Parking is not a problem, as your parking ticket is validated at the parking garage close by.

I was at the Violet Crown this morning and had a most enjoyable experience, along with the delicious coffee and pastry.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Liz has more updates from SXSW for spring and summer

Silly me! How could I forget to mention that 'Bridesmaids' was a WIP at the time of SXSW 2011, but it was screened as such on Sunday evening, March 13th. I had to be at another location at the time of the screening, so I was wholeheartedly looking forward to the final product when it was to be released theatrically in May. I invited a guest to the screening that I was invited to prior to opening day on May 13th since she had already seen the trailer. I enjoyed the comedy, but my friend is a complete fan of Wiig's comedy. We have still been talking about her script and how successful it has been at the box office since it opened. It has some very funny moments, but I won't spoil them for viewers who have not yet headed over to the theaters. Enjoy!!

I mentioned 'Kill List' previously as a SXFantastic film and how great it was. I wanted to provide the update that it was acquired by IFC Midnight and hopefully will hear when that film will have a theatrical release.

'Fubar: Balls to the Wall' screened during the festival on March 15th as a double feature with 'Fubar. Since the screening, 'Fubar: Balls to the Wall' is available on DVD, Blue - Ray and VOD as of April 19th. Unfortunately, I do not have a copy yet, but if I can get one, I will place a review on our site.

'The Beaver' from actor/director Jodie Foster and written by Austinite Kyle Killien screened during the festival and has since opened in theaters on May 6th. Gibson and the puppet make for a great drama and all the performances are good.

'Outside Industry: The Story of SXSW' by director Berg was screened twice during the festival. For as many years as I have participated in the SXSW festivals, I enjoyed the information on the history happening in our town. If you missed the article in the Austin American Statesman recently, please get a copy to see what this creative entrepreneur is doing in our fine city.

The independent feature film 'Apart' screened during the festival and released the digital from the film's soundtrack. Will keep you updated on more from this indie and you can download the song at

I know there is more to come, so I plan to keep you updated as much as possible.

The Interactive Festival this year also had the most attendees to date and provided many new opportunities and events. Plutopia is one of my favorites that I attended last year and seemed to have grown this year. I love the combination of activities that one can partake of and certainly know how to showcase what interactive really means with guest speakers, food, drink and more.
Even if you do not think you are tech savvy, there is something new to learn from the panels and the events that are in abundance. Did I forget to mention the fashion piece to this new this year?
Games of course and so much more.

As for the music, what can I say about 25 years of fantastic sounds in our city that probably has not been said. The city was abuzz with different sounds from around the world and people enjoying themselves to all genres in hundreds of venues. This is a great opportunity to listen to the sounds of Skampira from Colombia, Intimate Strangers from Chile, as well as going to a private party hosted by Jim Beam, featuring Kid Rock and new artists he introduced.

Liz has News and Continued Update on Films from SXSW 2011

Monday the 14th featured some great films during the festival that are some of my favorite.
'Win Win' with Paul Giamatti, Amy Ryan and many other cast members each gave excellent performances and is another gem from the director, Tom McCarthy. The film was screened at the Paramount Theater with cast members in attendance at the Red Carpet. All members of the cast and filmmakers were very pleasant during the interview opportunities. What a thrill to see Paul Giamatti in person! It had a theatrical release in April.

'Beginners' by director/screenwriter Mike Mills was among the films in the Spotlight Premieres category during the festival. The cast includes Ewan McGregor, Christopher Plummer, Melanie Laurent (Inglorious Bastards), Goran Visnjic, among others. Lucky for film fans who did not catch either of the two screenings of this gem during the festival, as 'Beginners' is having a theatrical release by Focus Features in June. The comedy/drama inspired by Mills' father will begin to platform on June 3rd and is scheduled to arrive in Austin theaters on June 24th. I had the opportunity to speak with director Mills when he was in town for the festival and this information will be included in my review of the film for the June release.

'Incendies' from director/screenwriter Denis Villenueve is an Academy Award nominee for Best Foreign Language Film, adapted from the play by Wajdi Mouawad. I was unable to schedule either of the film screenings into my work agenda, but it was in the Festival Favorites category. Sony Pictures Classics will release the film in theaters as of June 3rd and in Austin, it will open at the Arbor Theater and the new Violet Crown Theater in downtown Austin. I look forward to it.

Jez Jerzy [George the Hedgehog] made it's International Premiere at the festival this evening as part of the SXFantastic set of films. If you can imagine a skateboarding hedgehog who drinks beer, there is plenty of action between the hedgehogs and humans. Screenwriter Rafa Skarzycki has a very vivid imagination. As much as I was not looking forward to a story about a hedgehog during the festival, I actually started to forget George is not a human and worried about his fate with the mad scientists!

'Septien,' written and directed by Michael Tully had it's premiere screening on Monday afternoon [14th] and unfortunately was unable to catch this or the subsequent screenings. Prior to screening at SXSW 2011, it was at Sundance 2011 and is scheduled to be make its New York premiere at the upcoming Bam Cinemafest in June. As of July 6th, IFC Midnight will present 'Septien' in New York and nationwide Video On Demand via IFC Midnight.